Monday, August 6, 2012

Today in Blogworld 8.6.12

3 Ways Pastoral Burnout Can Sneak Up on You 

“The thing about burnout is that you don’t know you’re susceptible until it’s too late”.  With this thought Eric McKiddie has offered 3 ways that burnout can sneak up on us and a few solutions to preventing burnout. 

The #1 Failure for 90% of Pastors

Joe McKeever believes he knows an area that 9 out of 10 pastors blow it in.  As a pastor myself, I think he may be correct.  Click through to see his answer.  (HT: David Murray)

A Suggestion for Better Baptist Blogging

Dave Miller at SBC Voices offers a few probing questions and a path for better Baptist blogging.  Dave’s points could just as easily be transferred to bloggers of any stripe.  I appreciate his suggestions here and hope that I am a faithful blogger. 

The 5 Great Mysteries of the Christian Faith

I really like this article by Michael Patton.  And the puzzle piece picture of Jesus is brilliant.  Click through to see the 5 great mysteries of the faith and see Michael’s point.  Though we often try to find solutions to these “missing puzzle pieces” we are really better off with the tensions. 

This funny one was making the rounds last week:

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