Monday, August 20, 2012

Today in Blogworld 8.20.12

Gospel Lessons From a Humiliating Experience Last Week

Tim Brister really blew it.  Read his story and the letter he is sending to hopefully open the door for the gospel.  I admire his humility and repentance.  I’m encouraged by the Spirit’s work in his life.

15 Reasons Why The Greatest Suffering Is Better Than The Smallest Sin

I really like this article by David Murray.  If you could chose between “the tiniest sin imaginable, a sin that would bring you tremendous wealth and other material pleasures OR the greatest suffering imaginable, for rejecting that one tiny sin, which would you choose?  Murray gives 15 reasons why the latter is better.

Don’t Settle For Your Mediocre Preaching

Good, encouraging, and strong words here from Paul Tripp.

Trusting Christ Through Trauma

Patrick Schreiner, the son of one of my favorite seminary professors, Tom Schreiner, writes about the sovereignty of God in the bike accident that has hospitalized his mother.  Be praying for the Schreiner’s and also reflect on Patrick’s words here in this article. 

This is really touching:

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