Wednesday, August 29, 2012

12 Bold NFL Predictions for 2012

  1. Brady Quinn will win 3 games for the division leading Chiefs
  2. Kamerion Wimbley will lead the NFL in sacks
  3. Aaron Hernandez will have more TD’s than Rob Gronkowski
  4. Tim Tebow will start before the Jets week 9 bye
  5. The Bengals will win 12 games
  6. Robert Turbin will gain more yards than Marshawn Lynch
  7. Matt Ryan will throw for 40 TD’s
  8. Brandon Weeden will not start every game for the Browns
  9. The Colts will not be horrible, narrowly missing .500
  10. Peyton Manning will almost throw more INT’s than TD’s (24-27)
  11. The worst team in the NFL will be the Arizona Cardinals
  12. The Buffalo Bills will make the playoffs

Usually when I make bold predictions like these the exact opposite comes true.  That means you should be sure to bench Matt Ryan, get every Arizona Cardinals player for your fantasy team, and not even bother with Robert Turbin. 

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