Friday, August 3, 2012

Today in Blogworld 8.3.12

Eight Things to Help You Understand Introverts

Thom Rainer, an introvert himself, wrote awhile back about introverts in leadership.  Now he offers 8 statements to help people understand introverts a little better.

FREE Andrew Fuller Biography

Piper’s biography of Andrew Fuller is now free online.  In other news I am taking a class on Andrew Fuller this fall that I am super excited about.  I’ve been intrigued by his life and work for awhile and now I’m glad to be forced to dig deep into his work. 

The Three R’s of Christian Engagement in the Culture War

In response to the Chick-fil-A fiasco and the culture war that we find ourselves entrenched in, Kevin DeYoung offers three R’s for the Christian’s engagement: No Retreat, No Reversal, No Reviling.  Read the whole thing…

Does Proverbs Teach “the Health, Wealth, and Prosperity Gospel?” 

Prosperity teachers love the Proverbs, because, let’s be honest they do contain multiple promises of health, wealth, and prosperity to those that live in the fear of God.  David Murray, however, says that there is a world of difference between Gospel Prosperity and the Prosperity Gospel. 

You’ve gotta love Ralph Wiggums:

(HT: 22 Words)

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