Friday, August 3, 2012

Friday is For Feeding Your E-Reader 8.3.12

In my opinion one of the best and most helpful books ever written is John Owen’s The Mortification of Sin.  Justin Taylor and Kelly Kapic have edited and occasionally updated three classic works of John Owen in Overcoming Sin and Temptation

For $3.99 your a silly person not to buy this

I do not aspire to Becoming God’s True Woman, so I haven’t read this book.  But my wife tells me good things from Nancy Leigh DeMoss and I trust her.  You may want to get this one whose aim is to help women reclaim “God-given beauty, wonder, and treasure of their distinctive calling and mission.

Only $2.99

It seems like there are a decent amount of these overview of the Bible story books coming out.  Though I haven’t read this one judging from the contributors Understanding the Big Picture of the Bible is probably one of the better ones.

Yours for only $2.99

One of my favorite people from the halls of church history is Robert Murray McCheyne.  (“Borrowed Light” actually derives it’s name from a McCheyne quote).  I am happy that his biography written by his good friend Andrew Bonar is available in illustrated version

for only $1.00

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