Monday, August 6, 2012

The Opportunity of Conflict

I am currently reading through Pursuing Peace by Robert Jones.  I will have my review posted by the end of the week.  Conflict is not something that any of us get joy from.  Yet, we still have conflict. 

One of the keys to pursuing peace is to realize that there is a greater good that conflict can provide.  Jones lists three opportunities (p38-42) provided by conflict:

  1. Relational conflicts provide opportunities for us to know God better, draw near to him, and please him
  2. Relational conflicts give us opportunities to become more like Jesus
  3. Relational conflicts give us opportunities to love and minister to others—both those with whom we have conflict and those who are watching

Under that second opportunity Jones also gives 7 ways that conflict can transform us into the likeness of Christ (39-40):

  1. by enhancing and deepening our relationship with Him
  2. by allowing us to experience the suffering of Jesus
  3. by exposing our remaining sin
  4. by exhibiting to others his work in us
  5. by using the conflict to cause us to engage more actively in the body of Christ
  6. by equipping us to minister to others with greater wisdom, sensitivity, and empathy
  7. by elevating our desire for Christ’s return and the new heaven and earth, where peace prevails and righteousness reigns. 

I haven’t quite finished the book but it’s a good one so far.  You can buy it here for around 10 bucks

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