Sunday, August 26, 2012

5 Books I’m Enjoying Right Now

Every now and then I get an influx of really good books that I am reading.  Currently there are five that I’m reading through and enjoying about every second of it.

  1. The Hole in our Holiness by Kevin DeYoung.  A great book on the need for those with gospel passion to also have a passion for personal holiness.
  2. Pastoral Graces by Lee Eclov.  A very encouraging and yet convicting book on pastoring in grace and with grace. 
  3. How Long, O Lord? by D.A. Carson.  A book on suffering and evil.  Only a little into this one but it will help me with life and probably one I will consult frequently when writing my book on suffering.
  4. Community by Brad House.  This book hopes to give a lifeline to struggling small groups.
  5. Kingdom through Covenant by Peter Gentry and Stephen Wellum.  A via media between covenant theology and dispensationalism.  It’s lengthy.  And by the time I get to finish it I’ll probably be able to ask Jesus face to face about the relationship between the covenants.  But every page I read in the mean time is really interesting. 

Click on the links above if you want to purchase any of these books.

If you can only get one of the books above it’s hard for me to suggest which one.  I think the Gentry and Wellum is going to have ripple effects throughout evangelicalism—but I doubt it’s for everyone.  DeYoung’s book is really helpful for anyone that reads widely in the gospel-centered movement.  Pastoral graces is an easy and beneficial read for any pastor.  D.A. Carson is always good.  And so far I think the book on Community will help in thinking through small group ministries.  So…get ‘em all. 

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