Thursday, August 30, 2012

What Writing and Preaching Is Like

My little girl is getting old enough now to intentionally wreak havoc upon her little brothers joy.  Not that she intends to spoil his fun, but she has an idea about how life should be and how toys ought to be played with that sometimes do not match up with Isaiah’s idea.  If it comes to Isaiah’s Beyblade’s or anything he is building it does not end well if Hannah messes it up.

One area that we are dealing with right now is that people are more important than things.  Yet, I know some people much older than Isaiah (one in particular that is 31) that at times has a hard time with these lessons as well.  When Isaiah decides that it is okay to push Hannah in order to protect his Beyblade’s we usually get to talk about that for a bit. 

While I’m acknowledging his frustrations, trying to give him alternatives, and exhorting him to respond better he’s usually more concerned with explaining to me the in’s and out’s of his little sisters offensive behavior.  “You DON’T understand, Daddy!  I was…I was…playing with my Beyblade, and she kept messing it up!  So, in order to get her to stop I pushed her away from me.” 

I usually reassure him that I will also be talking to Hannah and somehow trying to teach a two year old not to destroy her brothers games.  But mainly what I have to do is say, “I’m not addressing that side right now!  I’m asking you this question”. 

That’s kind of what preaching and writing is like at times. 

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