Thursday, August 23, 2012

Today in Blogworld 8.23.12

Hospitality Outside the Church Matters

Last week I linked to an article about hospitality in the church.  Now at J.D. Greear’s blog we are encouraged to think about hospitality outside the church. 

Femininity: June Clever, Clair Huxtable, or the Valiant Woman?

I found this at DG a very interesting piece. 

When Tradition Trumps Truth

We’re all prone to it.  David Crabb encourages us to repent of loving our forms and traditions more than loving Christ and His truth.

50 Rules for Dad’s of Daughters

This is heartwarming, encouraging, and convicting.  If you’re a dad of a girl or might be someday you need to read this.  Even if you’re the wife (or might be the wife) of a dad someday read this and know how to pray/prepare for the man in your life.  (HT: David Murray)

My poor children.  I’m pretty sure I am this dad:

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