Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Today in Blogworld 8.28.12

Where’d All These New Calvinists Come From?  A Serious Top 10 List From Mark Dever

Justin Taylor interacts a little with Dever’s list and provides a few influences of his own.  As a Calvinist myself I have to say that most of these were very influential.  Although, for me my switch to embracing the doctrines of grace came when I set out to write a paper to refute it. 

Madden ‘13 Releases Today

It’s a holiday for every video game/football nerd.  Madden ‘13 releases.  (360, PS3). 

11 Mental, Emotional, & Spiritual Challenges Unique to Rural Pastors

Able Baker nails it.  For those of you that do not have experience with rural ministry you ought to read this list.  I have been a youth minister in a rural setting and had some of these vary things myself.  And I witnessed our pastors experience them too.  Pray for rural pastors. 

A Word to My Calvinist Friends

Trevin Wax has some strong words for his Calvinist friends.  The response to this should be interesting. 

You’re going to want to watch this.  However, be prepared with a box of Kleenex:

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