Tuesday, January 25, 2011

New Release Tuesday 1.25.11

One of the passions that I have that I rarely write about on this blog is music.  I hope to change that.  As an experiment I’ll be featuring different genres (never country) on different days and suggesting 5 titles for you to purchase. 

Today is Tuesday.  New Releases come out on Tuesday, so check out these Top 5 New Releases:

If you like folk, bluesy, type of stuff you will absolutely love this offering by Amos Lee.  If you like Ray Lamontagne this album is very similar to the stuff that he does.

The Cold War Kids are a mix between the Kings of Leon and the Black Keys. 

I’m new to listening to Luminate.  Those of you that listen to Christian music on the radio may be familiar with their hit “Come Home”.  The lead singer reminds me a little of John Mark McMillen.  Good stuff. 

Samuel Beam has an amazing beard.  This CD is only 6.99.  Enough said.


Some of you may like the Get Up Kids.  If you do, then you are unluck—you can download this entire CD for only 3.99 today.


  1. we should put Isaiah's video on there!

  2. :-)
    I was going to post that video on a separate blog but couldn't get it to embed. I'll keep trying.

    How else is he gonna become a star???



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