Friday, January 14, 2011

Tips For Transforming a City

This week I am reviewing and interacting with the fascinating and helpful book by Eric Swanson and Sam Williams: To Transform a City.  You are encouraged to read my review and also the second part of that review. 

I thought today it may be helpful to list the 6 practical things the authors mention for getting started.  Perhaps this will spark some more interest and you will purchase the book to fill out these suggestions. 

Six suggestions for beginning your quest to transform a city:

  1. Recognize that loving, serving, and ministering to our communities—getting the church outside the walls—is something God is already doing.
  2. Understand that we cannot get different results from just doing more or trying harder at the same things we’ve done in the past
  3. Learn all you can about your city (there are tons of great suggestions within the book on this one)
  4. Remember that you are a kingdom builder and not just a community volunteer
  5. Begin meeting with other city leaders and share your heart and vision for transformation
  6. Remember that this is a work of God, who uses yielded people of faith, prayer, and action.

You may also enjoy this week’s Zondervan blog tour on this book.

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