Friday, January 14, 2011

Today in Blogworld 1.14.11

Dr. Moore is beginning a new podcast called The Cross and the Jukebox.  It will be dedicated to Christ and Country Music. 

Kevin DeYoung highlights one secret to Calvin’s success

Piper asks, “Can we see Jesus better than the saints in the Bible?”

Peter Mead reminds preachers to give their hearers Less of a Beating.

Danny Akin continues his series with 7 Observations on Context from Spurgeon.

I like Dave Miller’s proposal for dealing with Westboro “Baptist”.  What do you think?

I liked this article by Brian Croft (HT: Brian)

I just discovered that Spurgeon’s Autobiography is free online.  If only I didn’t have 15 other books to read.

As one working on a biography I found this interesting:

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