Thursday, January 13, 2011

Today in Blogworld 1.13.10

Touching article on coach Billy Donovan’s secret sorrow.

Bob Kellerman charts out the Top 10 Trends in Biblical Counseling.

Joe Thorn interviews history prof. Richard Bailey on the benefits of knowing history.  History nerds like me will enjoy and appreciate this. 

You can get John Mark McMillen’s The Medicine for only 5 bucks.

Check out our church choir’s new song:

If you have ever watched House you need to see this.  Every episode of House ever in one post.  This is hilarious.  I’ve often wondered why I keep watching this show, as I know EVERY week what is going to happen.

The Browns have hired Pat Shurmur as their head coach.  Not sure how I feel about this, I think I would have preferred someone else, but I don’t know enough about Shurmur to judge.

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