Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Today in Blogworld 1.25.11

The Cure for Bitterness

This is one of the most simple explanations I have read concerning whether God chooses us or we choose God. 

One of Billy Graham’s greatest regrets is that he would have steered clear of politics.  Let’s hope we learn from this wisdom.

Did God condone polygamy in the OT?

Pastors will want to check out this new series by CJ Mahaney on Pastors and Personal Criticism.  Even if you aren’t a pastor it’s worthy of a read.

(HT: Challies)

Jonathan Parnell from DG interviews Mike Wilkerson on his new book Redemption.  I’ll be receiving and reviewing this book in February.  In one of my classes last semester we had the opportunity to have a phone conference with Wilkerson.  I was immediately sold on much of the way Mars Hill does “soul care” and on Mike’s new book.  I’m excited to receive it from Crossway in a few days.

Was Hosea consciously referring to the Messiah’s flight into Egypt?

I’m also excited about this new book that will be coming out in September from 9Marks:  What is the Mission of the Church?

Great words from Justin Buzzard:  Pastors, Quit Trying to Be Perfect and Let Jesus Love You.

I appreciate this counsel from Brant Hansen to young girls, essentially on choosing a spouse.

I was going to eat lunch at Taco Bell today…not now.

Dr. David Powlison - Does God get upset when we disobey? from CCEF on Vimeo.  (HT: JT)

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