Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Today in Blogworld 1.4.11 (With a Little comment on Alcohol & the SBC)

Piper re-enters the blogworld with this: Don’t Make Jesus More of a Mediator Than He Is.

The Secret to Newton’s Boldness in Prayer


Baptist debate social drinking.  (HT: Colin Hansen) Yeah, this really isn’t news.  But because either the blogworld is slow to day or I am being picky, I’ll link to this and provide a little interaction.  The author of this article quotes Peter Lumpkins who says this:

"Make no mistake: the popular, trendy appeal for Bible studies in bars; pastors leading men's groups at cigar shops to puff, preach and partake; conference speakers who openly drink alcohol nevertheless are invited to college campuses as they carve out yet more influence into the youngest generation of Southern Baptists -- all this makes an impending moral crisis among Southern Baptists predictably certain."

The author of the article also stated this: “Lumpkins is among Southern Baptists who view relaxed attitudes about social drinking as the biggest controversy facing the Southern Baptist Convention since the "conservative resurgence" debate over Scripture in the 1980s.”

Yeah, I disagree.  Mainly because this isn’t 1980 and most in the younger generation are less concerned with being SBC than they are about following Jesus (whatever that means).  I’m not agreeing or disagreeing with Lumpkins here.  I’m simply doubting his assessment.  I doubt it will be as much of a moral crisis within the SBC as it will be a “what the heck happened to the younger generation”?  If pushed I would say that many will continue doing “missional” things like Bible studies in bars and drop their affiliation with the SBC.  Or maybe I’m just a simpleton.


Back to regular linkage…

I love these.  Brant Hansen writes another edition of If Jesus Had a Blog.

I love Ed Welch:

(HT: Dane)

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