Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Today in Blogworld 1.26.11

I’m experimenting on something with the linkage to save me some time, so if a link is broken please let me know.

Paul Tripp on Spiritual Mustache Development.

Great question by Anyabwile: Is a Church in Sin If They Don’t Practice Discipline?

Interesting series by Michael Patton: Questions I Hope No One Will Ask.

Some people may find this offensive, hopefully not:  White Girl Sentenced to Trial as a Black Adult.

Driscoll interviews the Holcomb’s on their new book Rid of My Disgrace.

9 Lessons on Creativity

Dr. Mohler asks, Is the new MTV series child pornography?

Why Doesn’t God Save Everyone?  Sam Storms offers and answer.

Our church may do this in April.  You should consider it too.  Secret Church


  1. Where's Mike today?

  2. Thursday is my day off/family I often am not able to blog.



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