Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Today in Blogworld 1.12.11

I thought Tedd Tripp was the parenting guru.  Looks like Paul Tripp isn’t to shabby in his parenting advice himself.  Another good article today on parenting.

Dane Ortlund asked several scholars and pastors a question: What is the Message of the Bible in One Sentence?  I think it’s hilarious that Greg Beale some how managed to go “Pauline” on us and make a paragraph long sentence.  Many of these guys are my professors…interesting to hear their responses. 

I enjoyed Frank Turk’s Open Letter to Pat Robertson

Challies offers some advice on Spiritual Healing in the Midst of a Husbands Addiction to Pornography.

Isaiah really likes this one:
(HT: 22 Words)

Danny Akin gives us 9 Observations on Confidence from the Life of Spurgeon.

I’m excited that Milton Stanley has taken up blogging again.

I keep seeing John Newton pop up in various places.  (Not like Elvis sightings).  Erik Raymond swipes a sampling from Newton’s Letters on the Benefits of Affliction.

I’m glad that my friend Brian has started blogging.  Check out his offering of Hump Day Humor today. 

Joe Thorn reminds us that “Jesus didn’t die for who you pretend to be, but for who you really are.”  Read the rest…
I don’t know who to HT for this one, it’s made a ton of rounds:

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  1. Thanks for the word of encouragement, Mike. Peace.



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