Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Sometimes God is Deaf!

A sure way to ensure not having an audience with me is to trash my wife.  If some person decides that they want to speak ill of my wife to me (and this rarely happens) they quickly realize they made a foolish mistake.  They’ll never win.  You know why?  Because I am decidedly on her side. 

In an even greater way this is the case with the Lord when Satan brings accusations against us.  When he starts dogging on God’s Bride (see Zechariah 3) Satan is met with a sharp rebuke.  It is the same case with believers today.  Written over us is a great banner that says, “There is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.” 

God is deaf to Satan’s accusations, because He knows they are now groundless.  His accusations are in vain.  Those that are in Christ Jesus are IN Christ Jesus and there is NOTHING that death, life, angels, rulers, devils…can do to change that.  No amount of Satan’s accusing will win an ear with God.  Why?  Because I am my beloveds and my beloved is mine. 

That’s a wonderful truth isn’t it.  But here’s the kicker.  Even though I won’t listen to somebody trashing my wife, there are times when my wife would listen to darts of slander.  I’m deaf to their pleas of ignorance, but she isn’t.  She will sometimes believe them.  And what is worse (and we all do this) she’ll sometimes believe the negative and the accusation over my own opinion of her.  She’ll think that perhaps I’m just blinded by love. 

We do the same thing when the Great Accuser brings his charge against us.  Other than listening to our husband and living in full confidence of truths like Romans 8:1 (“There is no condemnation”) we begin to believe the serpent. 

We start to wonder if we really are accepted by God. 

We start to look at our sin and we are convinced that it weighs more than our Savior’s merits. 

And then we start distancing ourselves from our husband.  Maybe from shame.  Maybe from pride.  Certainly in ignorance.  And then we feel that distance.  So, we convince ourselves that there really is a great chasm between us and God.  We are now convinced that God is deaf to our cry. 

But the opposite is true.  We are invited to “draw near to throne of grace” and to do it with confidence because our High Priest has made his body an immovable door-stop into the house of God.  God is not deaf to you, believer!  God is deaf, to the accusations that you started believing. 

So, listen to your loving husband today and not a liar that seeks to destroy you. 


P.S. Even if today you decide not to listen to your loving husband and you listen to the accusation of the devil, it still doesn’t change the story!  God is still deaf to his accusations and his ears are open to your plea.  This is a call to experientially live at the throne of grace.  If you are in Christ, you’re covered by grace whether you know it or not. 

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  1. I'm quite certain you wrote this just for me... Fantastic words of truth Pastor Mike, I wish you would have posted this about 3 this morning, but it's still awesome nonetheless.


    all I can say is thank you :) Thank God for Pastor Mikes nestled in corners all over this globe!



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