Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Today in Blogworld 1.5.11

This is a really great article by Bill Mounce on being “Christian Nice”.  Here is a sampling:

Until then, I suspect we will continue to treat people in the church who behave (at least) like they are going to hell (according to Paul) with a Church Nice that refuses to acknowledge that they have hurt us, and the wounding is so great that without repentance there can be no relationship.

A great reminder that we will never lack until Christ is poor.

Dr. Schreiner was recently interviewed concerning his new commentary on Galatians.  Check out the interviews here.

Wise words from Jared Wilson on criticism.

As a father I can certainly relate to Mark Altrogge’s words here:  The Sure Sign of Self-Sufficiency. 

This is a touching story.  Unfortunately his story is being pimped by a ton of different people.  Let’s pray this sudden rise to fame doesn’t cause this man to crash and burn:

(HT: Z)

Can  “Church” Happen Online?

I reviewed one of David Murray’s books yesterday and just discovered today that he has a blog.  I liked this article on sheep.

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