Friday, January 28, 2011

Today in Blogworld 1.28.11

Joel Osteen finds himself in an awkward place after his interview with Piers Morgan.  Dr. Mohler commentsAs does John Starke.

Kevin DeYoung gives some cautions for Mere Christianity.  Just because it’s a classic doesn’t mean it is infallible.  Listen carefully to DeYoung’s thoughts here.

My friend Brian has written an excellent piece relating Paul’s evangelistic fervor with his (Brian’s) son getting a wart removed.

Reading Newton’s Mail.

Nine Lessons on Compassion

(HT: 22 Words)

How to Write a Theological Paper.  I may need to keep this one handy.

J.D. Greear shares a few stories.

Facebook may be making you sad.

Pastor Porn.

7 Funny Pranks to pull in a department store.

The Pastor’s Temptation When Criticism Arrives

The Local Church and the Great Commission.

(HT: DG)

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