Thursday, January 20, 2011

Today in Blogworld 1.20.11

The Kingdom of God explained to a 15 year old.

Trevin Wax is asking “what counterfeit gospels are most prevalent today?”

Don’t forget to register to win a free book.

Challies comments on the strange phenomenon of nerdy white pastors bobbing to rap music.

Related to that, Piper interviews Lecrae:

Andy Naselli samples Trueman’s new book The Real Scandal of the Evangelical Mind.

9 Lessons on Casting Vision from the Bearded One.

John Calvin on the Pursuit of Success

I appreciate Dave Miller’s Open Letter to the Baptist Press.

Adam Winters is being honest…he probably wouldn’t have supported MLK.

Driscoll is offering a free chapter of Vintage Church.

Justin Buzzard offers a few things to do with the gospel.

I went to college with John, great to hear his story:

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