Monday, January 31, 2011

Today in Blogworld 1.31.11

Reminder: Last Day for $5 Albums 

Was Jesus’ Body “For” You or “Broken” for You?

Gospel Grace, the Pursuit of Holiness, and the Charge of Antinomianism

7 Lessons on Criticism and Conflict from Spurgeon.

Can the Unregenerate Heal the Sick?

A Browns player, Alex Mack, scored a touchdown in the Pro Bowl.  Nobody really cares…but hey, at least we did SOMETHING!


Michael McKinley responds to Thabiti’s question on whether or not failing to do church discipline is sin

I’ll be reviewing this book in the next couple of weeks.  Mike Wilkerson’s new book Redemption is out, and Mark Driscoll interviews him concerning the book.

Is Christianity to blame for violence against homosexuals?

I agree with Erik Raymond that all of this friendly fire is getting old.

Where does a pastors power come from?

This one is making the rounds..not really sure to HT on this one:

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