Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Today in Blogworld 10.24.12

Brothers, We Are Not Professors

Great word here from R.C. Sproul.  “Our seminaries, if we must have them, should more reflect a training hospital than a university.” 

A Christian Voters Soldiers Entangled in Civilian Affairs?

That’s a great question.  Check out Thabiti’s answer.

Dozens of Free eBooks is an amazing website.  They are also churning out a ton of ebooks.  You’d benefit from downloading any of these.

6 Warning Signs We’re Becoming Accidental Pharisees

“I’ve found that becoming a modern-day, accidental Pharisee is a lot like eating at Denny’s. No one wants to go there. We just end up there.”  Larry Osborne shows how we end up there.

You could probably call this one Redneck pumpkin’ carvin’.  Awesome!

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