Monday, October 29, 2012

Today in Blogworld 10.29.12

Free Martin Luther Biography

DG keeps churning out free biographies.  This free ebook features five chapters on Luther’s life including relevant lessons from his life.

Will Social Media Decide the Next President?

A reader of our blog emailed me this interesting infographic.  

Missouri Baptist Convention Live

I am no longer a Missouri Baptist but I still love Missouri and Missouri Baptists.  Their annual meeting is being held this week.  This year’s pastors conference looks pretty stellar.  Check out some solid preaching today.  

“Much More”: The Gospel as Middle and Better Way

“The gospel is not a bare minimum thing.”  Jared Wilson explains why and shows, as he typically does, how the gospel is superior. 

Who better to teach you about growing a mustache than Ron Swanson?

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