Thursday, October 4, 2012

An Idiot’s Guide to Week 5 #NFL Predictions

Once again I proved myself an idiot.  I had the wrong MNF QB bathing in tears and needing a pacifier.  I only got 7 of the games correct.  Josh Gordon had a measly 16 yards.  The Titans did nothing close to upsetting the Texans and Jacquizz Rodgers showed why he’s still a backup.  I was correct about the Tebow chants beginning.  I nearly called the Browns upset.  I was right about Peyton’s bounceback game.  Sproles wasn’t horrible but wasn’t a stud.  But all in all I’m still an idiot and as one commenter pointed out I’m a false football prophet.  So here are your bad burrito picks for week 5.

Cardinals over Rams (missed FG in the 4th quarter)
Bengals over Dolphins
Packers over Colts
Ravens over Chiefs
Browns over Giants (upset of the week…it’s coming just you wait)
Steelers over Eagles
Falcons over Redskins
Seahawks over Panthers (4 turnovers for Cam Newton)
Jaguars over Bears (Cutler can’t put together two solid starts)
Titans over Vikings
Patriots over Broncos
49ers over Bills (but I want to pick a Bills upset)
Saints over Chargers
Texans over Jets

Fantasy Stud of the Week: Drew Brees (5 TD’s and over 400 yards)
Fantasy Sleeper of the Week: Brandon Weeden

Other Crazy Picks:

That missed FG for Greg Zuerlein is a 56 yarder
Matt Hasselbeck makes Tennessee fans ask “Jake, who?”
Peyton Manning throws a couple of really bad picks
The Tebow chants continue after Sanchez’s 4 turnovers
Brady Quinn throws at least 10 passes
Brandon Weeden throws for 350 yards and 3 TD’s
Mendenhall gets 2 TD’s in his return

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