Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Today in Blogworld 10.17.12

7 Cautions for Eager Polemicists

Kevin DeYoung writes a fabulous piece here on the dangers of polemics.  Polemics are a “necessary virtue for Christians in so far as Christianity believes in the immovability and central importance of truth.”  But it comes with danger and DeYoung is faithful in showing those dangers.

4 Ways to Write with Style and Grace

Taking his queues from Joseph M. Williams, Trevin Wax draws out four helpful pieces of advice on writing with style and grace.  Read Trevin’s article and consider purchasing Williams’ book.  

25 Marks of a Backslidden Christian

Borrowing from Richard Owen Robert’s book Revival, Joe Thorn lists 25 marks of a backslidden Christian.  Powerful stuff.

God Created Food and Sex for Believers

Thought provoking piece by Tony Reinke.  “Sexual pleasure is too earthy. Enjoying delicious food is too unspiritual.  That’s a two-point outline for a demonic sermon that has no place in any church…”

Why Oprah and Brad Pitt rejected Christ but you shouldn’t:

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