Tuesday, October 9, 2012

5 Great Things About The #GospelProject

The leaders of The Gospel Project decided to engage the world in a Twitter chat today using the hashtag #GospelProject.  It quickly began trending on Twitter.  A few folks came into the chat wondering about this Gospel Project thing. 

I do not have any vested interest in The Gospel Project other than my respect for the people behind the project and my love for the gospel.  I’m not a Lifeway employee or anything of the sort.  I’m simply an associate pastor in Indiana that has decided to get on board with The Gospel Project curriculum. 

Before I give you my five great things I want to share a little of my story.  I have been doing student ministry for over ten years.  In the beginning I used a good amount of the curriculum that was pushed my way.  I tried all of the latest and hippest material to get our students engaged in the Word.  Most of it stunk.  So, frustrated with the moralistic therapeutic deism that was passed off as Christian curriculum I gave up on curriculum.  When I opened the pages of The Gospel Project and began teaching our students I was using curriculum for the first time in over 5 years.  And I love it.  Here are 5 reasons why (in no particular order):

  1. Every week the teacher is encouraged to pursue additional resources.  These are great resources that will expand the teachers knowledge of the gospel and the topics covered. 
  2. Everything is tied back to Christ. This is not just a cute little saying but in reality they just give Jesus a few props at the end of the lesson.  You can tell that the entire point of the lesson is Christ and His accomplishments.
  3. My son loves it.  Isaiah is a growing little boy.  He’s loving Bible stories and he’s beginning to slowly understand the gospel.  Previous curriculum taught him how to be a good little boy.  This curriculum is teaching him every week of his need for Jesus.  I love that my son can tell me each week why Jesus was the hero of the story.  He’s a bright little boy (4) so I’m not surprised that he is able to following along really well.  But he can usually tell me the story, he loves the cards, and he gets that Jesus is the main point. 
  4. It tells the Bible’s story.  Most other curriculum feels rootless.  What I mean is that you’ll hear the story of David and Goliath 10 times over a 5 year span.  You’ll talk about the day to day problems that we all face over and over again.  Yet, seldom are these grounded in the Bible’s big picture story.  The Gospel Project tells the Bible’s story and I love it.
  5. God’s mission is always explicit.  We are never left with simply thinking about how this applies to my day to day life.  That is good and that is addressed.  But the thing that I love about The Gospel Project is it always expands my view of God’s work.  It draws me out of my own little world and helps me to see that God has a much bigger mission than making sure I get a good parking spot at Wal-Mart.  God’s mission of redeeming lost sinners is always explicit in every lesson. 

I could have given you a few more reasons but if you are looking for a curriculum to use for your Sunday school, your small group, or your mid-week Bible studies, then look no further than The Gospel Project.  It is a Christ-centered curriculum that tells the Bible’s story in an engaging way and always encourages the reader to a gospel-centered response of mission and life change. 

Check it out.

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