Thursday, October 18, 2012

Today in Blogworld 10.18.12

Should Leaders Create Controversy

Aaron Armstrong offers a partial response to an article by Steven Furtick.  Should leaders create controversy?  Interesting question.  I appreciate Aaron’s thoughts here.

The Psychology of Resentment

I preached on this a little last night.  Great article by Dane Ortlund on identifying the cause of resentment and soaking up realities to conquer it.

John Piper Will Vote

A few people have written articles on why they will not vote.  Others have written articles on why you must.  I appreciate Piper’s words here.

How Much Discipleship Ought We Do BEFORE Baptism

This is not a response per se to my article on baptism.  However, it is part of the discussion that has been taking place at SBC Voices and a few other places.  Dave Miller makes a compelling biblical case for baptism upon profession.  At the end of the day I think we are arguing much the same thing.

Nobody Dies Early:

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  1. I have been thinking on and writing on this topic for a long time, but your article here was the impeller for mine.

    And, yes, it is my impression that our views are very similar.



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