Friday, October 12, 2012

Today in Blogworld 10.12.12

10 Questions for Expositors with Brian Croft

Brian Croft answers 10 questions from Colin Adams.  It’s always interesting hearing how other pastors prepare sermons and what they take into the pulpit.  Interesting read. 

What Happened at Vatican II (And How to Pray 50 Years Later)

I am becoming increasingly interested in the more contemporary version of Catholicism.  (Not in a “I’d like to convert” type of way, but in a “how do we reach them with the gospel” type of way).  So I appreciate this article from David Mathis. 

Can I Change the Lyrics to Your Song?

A common question asked of the people at Sovereign Grace Music is whether or not somebody can change lyrics to their songs.  Read Bob Kauflin’s answer. 

Eight Ways to Go Wrong in Bible Study

The names for these are tremendous.  I’m thinking about tweaking them a little and stealing (err…borrowing) them.  Read the comments on this one too, there is a good question asked by a reader and a great response. 

You’ve probably already seen this…but hey, why not watch it again:

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