Thursday, October 18, 2012

An Idiots Guide to Week 7 #NFL Predictions

A gain I posted a stellar 8-6 record last week.  I called the Raiders game being close.  Picked the Browns upset.  If not for recovering his own fumble Schaub would have turned the ball of 3 times.  Haden did a stellar job against AJ Green.  But I wasn’t totally right on my picks.  The only thing Trent Richardson did was hurt his flank.  Andrew Hawkins and Titus Young barely even showed up.  And Ryan Fitzpatrick was about as big of a stud as Steve Urkel.  This week I’m gunning for 10 wins.

49ers over Seahawks (blowout)
Bills over Titans
Browns over Colts (I think this is just wishful thinking)
Packers over Rams (I want to pick a Rams upset)
Cardinals over Vikings
Giants over Redskins
Saints over Bucs
Cowboys over Panthers (close though)
Texans over Ravens
Raiders over Jaguars
Patriots over Jets
Steelers over Bengals
Lions over Bears (upset of the week)

Fantasy Stud of the Week: Arian Foster
Fantasy Sleeper of the Week: T.Y. Hilton

Other Crazy Picks:

2 TD’s for Steven Jackson
Somehow the Cardinals win despite 7 Vikings sacks
Darren McFadden 2 TD’s and over 200 total yards
Pats dismantle the Jets (Tebow plays the 4th quarter)
T.Y. Hilton goes for 100 yards and a score
Matt Hasselbeck gives up 4 turnovers
The Lions DST puts up 30 fantasy points with 2 scores
Nate Washington has a big game (just b/c I’m playing him in my FFL)
Eli Manning leaves the game with a freak injury

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