Wednesday, October 31, 2012

5 Ways to Preach for Gospel Renewal

Tim Keller believes that our churches need gospel renewal.  One means to accomplish this is through the faithful preaching of God’s Word.  In his book, Center Church, Keller lists five characteristics that define preaching for gospel renewal. 

  1. Preach to distinguish between religion and the gospel.  “Critique both religion and irreligion”.
  2. Preach both holiness and the love of God to convey the richness of grace.  “Only when people see God as absolutely holy and absolutely loving will the cross of Jesus truly electrify and change them”. 
  3. Preach not only to make the truth clear but also to make it real.  “Present the beauty of Christ".
  4. Preach Christ from every text.  “Jesus is the ultimate point and message of every text”. 
  5. Preach to both Christians and non-Christians at once.  “Evangelize as you edify, and edify as you evangelize.” 

Keller’s book is filled with such helps and it is available for a limited time for only $8.99 in Ebook format

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