Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Top 10 Yoda Does Disney Quotes

With Disney buying out Star Wars I thought it might be fun to picture Yoda speaking a few lines from famous Disney movies.  Here is the Top 10

  1. “Be with you anymore your mother cannot.”  From Bambi
  2. “Wish your heart makes, a dream is.” .  Yes, hmmm.  From Cinderella
  3. “Your conscience be your guide always let.”  Yesssss.  From Pinocchio
  4. "Hurt, the past can. But the way I see it, either run from it, you can, or learn from it." Hmmmm.  From Lion King
  5. "Faith and trust, all it takes is" From Peter Pan
  6. “For the sky do reach!”  From Toy Story
  7. “Oy!  Give you such a crick in the neck, ten thousand years will.” From Aladdin
  8. "What you do, hmm when things go wrong?  Oh!  You sing a song!"  Hmmmmmm.  Snow White
  9. The real trouble with the world too many people grow up, that is.  -Walt Disney
  10. When upon a star you wish
Feel free to have some fun in the comments…

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