Monday, October 22, 2012

Today in Blogworld 10.22.12

The Cure for Backsliding

Last week Joe Thorn gave 25 symptoms of backsliding.  Today you can read about the cure for backsliding.

How I Forgot the Gospel

I found this to be a tremendous piece from Jon Bloom.  I completely understand what he is struggling with in what he calls “gospel fatigue”.  It’s a real danger with the gospel-centered movement to rest in the “movement” or the “center” and not the Christ of the gospel. 

The Apple Argument Against Abortion

Justin Taylor uses the logic of Peter Kreeft to argue from a non-controversial premise to a controversial point.  If only we still used logic these days…

Theological Interpretation and Sermon Preparation

Adam Embry adds to the article that I wrote on Friday.  He lists a few questions that should be asked of each horizon (textual, epochal, canonical).  Adam’s article here really furthers the discussion and I’m grateful for his work.  Every expositor ought to cut and paste these questions and post them to your wall for sermon prep. 

Arriving at church starved for God:

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