Thursday, October 25, 2012

An Idiots Guide to Week 8 #NFL Predictions

9-4 last week.  I almost got my 10 wins but the Lions didn’t show up to play on Monday Night.  I picked the close Cowboys and Panthers game.  Blew it on T.Y. Hilton.  I was correct about the 7 Viking sacks but wrong about the Cardinals win in spite of it.   No Tebow.  No Eli injury.  Nate Washington did have a 4th quarter TD for the win.  McFadden almost had 100 yards.  Arian Foster was a stud but not as studly as Chris Johnson.  This week I’m feeling some upsets:

Bucs over Vikings
Bears over Panthers
Browns over Chargers
Lions over Seahawks
Packers over Jaguars (somehow it’s close though)
Colts over Titans
Patriots over Rams (in OT)
Jets over Dolphins
Eagles over Falcons
Steelers over Redskins
Chiefs over Raiders
Cowboys over Giants
Saints over Broncos
49ers over Cardinals (blowout)

Fantasy stud of the week: Michael Vick
Fantasy sleeper of the week: Titus Young

Other crazy picks:

It’s going to happen eventually, Titus Young finally shows up
Chris Johnson surprisingly shutdown by the Colts D
Weeden leads a 4th quarter game winning drive after a Rivers pick
Vick rushes for 100 yards, throws for 300, and has 4 total TD’s
James Harrison knocks RG3 out of the game
Peyton can’t hang with Drew
Jamaal Charles scampers for 200 yards
Romo leads a 4th quarter comeback
After this week everyone on ESPN will be asking, “What is wrong with the Patriots?”

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