Friday, October 26, 2012

Today in Blogworld 10.26.12

12 Things To Do When You’re Criticized

“We will all be criticized at one time or another. Sometimes justly, sometimes unjustly. Sometimes others’ criticism of us is harsh and undeserved. Sometimes we may need it. How do we respond to criticism?”  Mark Altrogge gives 12 helpful responses to criticism. 

The Mourdock Moment

I appreciate this piece by Dr. Mohler.  As he so often does Dr. Mohler cuts through the spin and provides helpful biblical truth and counsel. 

What We Can Learn About Preaching from ‘Parks and Recreation’

Dr. Moore discusses a recent Parks and Rec. episode that he found boring.  I too found it boring and borderline offensive (because it mocked a valid position).  I normally love the show but was really disappointed by this one.  Dr. Moore uses it to teach us a lesson about preaching. 

Propaganda: Giving the Puritans a Bad Rap

Dr. Joel Beeke is an authority on the Puritans.  I was waiting to hear if he would respond to Propaganda’s song on the Puritans.  He has.  Check out his reflections. 

Haven’t had a chance to watch this yet but I intend to.  My favorite professor, Dr. Schreiner, preaching on Acts 20:17-38 in chapel:

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