Tuesday, October 2, 2012

4 Reasons Base Hitters Are Better Bloggers

Last inning.  Down two runs.  Two outs.  But the bases were full.  One of our better power hitters was at the plate.

I started packing up my gear.  I knew the game was going to be over.  No, not because I knew he was going to crush the ball into the left-field seats.  I knew it was over because homeboy would inevitably be dropping his shoulder and elbow and he’d either pop up to the second baseman or he’d end up striking out on a ball that bounced to the plate. 

You don’t need to hit a homerun when a base hit will do just fine.  That is sound advice.  But honestly, it’s not advice I need to heed.  With my wiry frame and level swinging, Boog Powell is more likely to beat out Usain Bolt in a 100 yard dash than me jacking a homer.  I never swung for the fences because it wasn’t my game. 

But you get me to preaching or writing.  For some silly reason I can sometimes think I’ve got some homerun pop in me.  And almost every time I start swinging for the fences I end up just hitting a little squiggler back to the pitcher.  Those 9Marks fellas have already told us why preaching for the “home run” isn’t a good idea.  The same applies to blogging and today I am going to give 4reasons why base hitters make better bloggers.

  1. When your goal isn’t helping the team you end up passed around like Manny Ramirez.  If your primary goal is not to further the kingdom of Christ and to feed the sheep eventually a large portion of your audience will be calling for your ouster.  Even if you get away with having a steady following of “Manny” fans you’ll eventually find yourself bankrupt for having built your whole ministry on a pile of straw. 
  2. It paralyzes you at the plate.  Rather than simply taking the pitch that you are given you start waiting for that pitch you can drive over the wall.  You end up down 0-2 still waiting for your pitch and then you have no choice but to foolishly swing at something in the dirt.  When you start blogging for homeruns you never write on the simple stuff.  You wait for that feeling of inspiration--your home run pitch.  You let a million good and helpful articles fly by you just because you are too prideful to take what is given you.
  3. You annoy people with your homerun trot.  If you do happen to get lucky and hit one out of the park you will annoy everyone with all of your RT’s and social media bragging. 
  4. If you do get your pitch you’ll probably just poop your pants.  If you aren’t practice your craft on those base hit pitches then you’ll end up getting so shocked at a home run pitch that you’ll swing right through it.  You will have a really good idea but because you haven’t been honing your craft you’ll swing and miss because you are so freaked out that you actually got your pitch that you don’t know what to do with it. 

It’s not wrong to hit homeruns.  Nor is it wrong to swing hard and celebrate if you do happen to crack one off the bat.  But don’t try to hit a homerun every time.  Just swing as hard as you can at the pitch you’re given. 


  1. We're all pinch-hitters, anyway. The Lord sends us in and tells us to speak of Him. That's enough to worry about.

    Let Him worry about making contact.

  2. poop your pants? Really? Wow.

    Good thoughts well written.

  3. I never was a home run hitter, but I wanted to be. Now that I preach, I find myself in the same mode. I don't have to hit a home run every time - I do have to feed the sheep. Thanks for this reminder.



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