Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Today in Blogworld 10.31.12

“I’m Not Much of a Reader”

Jared Wilson shows why that is a lame excuse for not reading your Bible. 

Reformation Day Free Download

In honor of it being Reformation Day (the day when Luther nailed the 95 Theses to the Wittenburg Door) today only you can download R.C. Sproul’s Luther and the Reformation

Embracing the Thorn That Bleeds You Dry

In a very vulnerable post Stephen Altrogge shares his struggle with anxiety.  I really appreciate pieces like this.  AS one who struggles with similar things myself I always find it encouraging when brothers and sisters in Christ hold on to Jesus in spite of the pain. 

Why Zombies Matter

There is a massive rise in zombie stuff.  Russell Moore explains why Christians ought to have some sympathy for zombies. 

This is cool for history nerds like myself.  Inside Calvin’s church in Geneva:


  1. I thought the article on "Not Much of a Reader" was one-sided. Many people in the early church couldn't read at all - so the fact that we can even read is a gift from God and shouldn't be wasted - I get that. Coming from a writer, who probably loves to read, how can he possibly understand what it is like to not like to read? What if you really don't learn that way? What if the word doesn't come alive to you unless you are hearing it preached? What if you struggle with illiteracy or have a limited vocabulary?

    1. Good questions.

      Maybe it would have been helpful to have added a little to his metaphor. What if somebody told you that God was in that tent but you weren't really capable of walking to it? Because that is really what you are saying in these questions. "I can't". That is different than "I don't want to".

      I'll tell you what...I think your question here is really good. I'll type up a response and post it here either tomorrow or Friday.

  2. Thank you. I am really interested in your response!



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