Monday, October 15, 2012

You Make the Illustration: Dog Pulling Up a Root

Charles Spurgeon was the master of sermon illustrations.  In his helpful Lectures to My Students he devotes five chapters (105 pages) of his work to the the importance of using good illustrations.  At one point he encourages ministers to train themselves to look at a thing and attempt to make as many sermon illustrations as possible.  He says:

…do try with all your might to get the power to see a parable, a simile, an illustration, wherever it is to be seen; for to a great extent this is one of the most important qualifications of the man who is to be a public speaker, and especially of the man who is to be an efficient preacher of the gospel of Christ.  If the Lord Jesus made such frequent use of parables, it must be right for us to do the same.  (Lectures, 463)

I want to do that.  And I think you should to.  That is why I am beginning a new weekly piece at Borrowed Light.  Every week I will post a YouTube clip (or something similar) and give you a couple of days to give an illustration in the comments.  After a couple of days I will post an article giving my illustration from the selected clip. 

You do not have to be a “preacher” to comment and give illustrations.  I urge everyone to watch the clip and give an illustration.  Who knows if we get a good response to this I might even be able to throw in some free books on occasion. 

Without further ado here is this weeks clip to consider for an illustration:

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