Thursday, October 11, 2012

An Idiots Guide to Week 6 #NFL Predictions

Last week I was 8-6.  Not a bad record for an NFL predicting moron.  For most of the first half I thought I had called the Browns upset over the Giants.  Then reality hit.  Weeden did decent not sure you could say fantasy sleeper.  Brees was okay but not the fantasy stud of the week.  Matt Hasselbeck looked more like Elizabeth.  I was right about the Tebow chants and almost right about Brady Quinn, Brandon Weeden, and Mendenhall’s stellar return.  Not horrible but also not very good.  Sounds like my fantasy football team.  Here is your idiot’s guide to week 6 picks.

Steelers over Titans
Falcons over Raiders (It’s going to be close though)
Browns over Bengals (They’ve got to win eventually, right?)
Rams over Dolphins
Jets over Colts
Lions over Eagles
Chiefs over Bucs
Cowboys over Ravens
Bills over Cardinals
Patriots over Seahawks (low scoring game)
Giants over 49ers
Vikings over Redskins
Packers over Texans (3 Schaub interceptions)
Broncos over Chargers

Fantasy Stud of the Week: Eli Manning
Fantasy Sleeper of the Week: Andrew Hawkins

Other Crazy Picks:

Trent Richardson goes off for 150 yards and 2 scores
Titus Young finally shows up for the Lions 8/120/1
Brady Quinn leads the Chiefs to a low scoring victory
Tony Romo looks like a Pro-Bowler and Joe Flacco looks inept
If not for Eli’s 5 TD performance Ryan Fitzpatrick would be fantasy stud of the week
Russell Wilson’s leash gets shorter with a crucial 4th quarter turnover
Joe Haden shuts down AJ Green

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